University Law College ,  Utkal University , Vanivihar ,  Bhubaneswar ,   Odisha



The law college of Utkal University, Vani Vihar, BBSR was founded in the Vani Vihar Campus  in the year 1975-76 as an evening teaching deptt., having no building of its own. In course of time the Utkal University authorities & Govt. of Odisha were interested toenhance the legal education in Odisha& took steps to bring a glorious and attracting identification of the Law College. Besides L.L.B course, 5 years integrated B.A L.L.B (Hons) course was introduced and offered in the University Law college as per the idea to introduce specialized five year integrated Law course originated by the Govt. of India, ministry of Law Deptt. from the academic session, 1997-98. The guide line to monitor this specialized Law course was prescribed by a high power committee with a sitting  Judge of the Hon’ble High court,  Odisha as its Chairman along with the Vice-chancellor, Utkal University, Chairman of the State Bar Council, representative of Bar Council of India, Teachers and other officers of Utkal University as its members. The curriculum is designed by the Bar council of the India and the University grant commission, New Delhi. Now the college runs on its own building independently in Vani Vihar premises over the 2.5 Acers of the land having all study facilities in legal education with other facilities that is required for students. This Institution is also accredited by theN.A.C.E.. There is no comment over the highly educated teaching staffs. The college is now a Crown Jewel in legal education in the State of Odisha being guided by the rules and regulations framed by the authority.


The College produces Students with legal draftsmanship and legal exports who are fit for bench and Bar and to serve the nation. Besides legal education moral, cultural and ethical education is imparted to the students to promote the rule of Law in the society. The fundamental principles of law with critical evaluation thereof, is the primary legal education of the students. The students are made aware of the new areas of Law by organizing seminars, moot court and symposia and discussion on decisions of the Apex Court and its subordinates. The dreaming vision of this Institution is to produce quality students in legal education.


University Law College, BBSR is located near D.D.C.E., Utkal University, Vanivihar.


(1)A student of the college must maintain discipline in the college both within & outside the college premise. He/She must also abide by such hygienic principles and submit himself/herself to such anti-epidemic procedure as would be laid down by college authorities.

(2)Principal’s decision, with regard to anything not covered in this prospectus or with regard to any dispute arising out of the interpretation of any clauses shall be final. The Principal reserves the right to cancel the admission of any student and hand him/her over to the law and order authorities if need be so, in the event such students becomes indisciplined or indulges in un-lawful activities in the college or commits student unrest in the college. Ragging and sexual harassment are also strictly prohibited. Any one find guilty will be strictly dealt with, which may lead to severe punishment including suspension and expulsion from the college.

(3)Campus of the college is strictly no smoking and non-alcoholic zone. Any deviation from this, will be seriously viewed which shall attract strong action by the authorities.



For Boys – White Shirt, Black trouser, Black Tie, Black Coat, Black Shoes and White Socks.
For Girls – White Kurta, Black/White Salwar, Black Dupatta, Black Coat, Black Shoes and White Socks.


Hostel facility is available for only girls for 3 yr LL.B (H)  &  5 yr Integrated B.A.LL.B (H) Students.


Our college have independent well equipped libraries with sufficient number of reference and text books, Hals bury laws of India, Encyclopedia and Dictionaries etc. to cater the needs of the students. Besides, the colleges are also subscribing several law journals, reports, digests, etc. Reading room facility is also available to the students. Our college is equipped with computers with internet facility for use by the students and facility.


This year old institution not only produced almost all the lawyers of the State but also many talents who have successfully established themselves in the field of games and sports. The heritage of this institution in the field of games and sports is well known. A number of notable and distinguished players in different games and sports such as Foot-ball, Hockey, Cricket, Basket-ball and Athletics have considerably heightened the image of the institutions as well as State by their wonderful performance.

To keep both body and mind fit to undertake the challenges of life University Law College has made all provision for its students through sports and games, Gym and Yoga. It has instituted a well equipped Gymnasium inside the campus with following instruments Back press, Leg Press, Leg Curling, Shoulder press, Abdominal Exercises Station, Horizontal bar, Arm Curling Station etc.

Our college provides facility for all type of indoor and out door game. A full time professional instructor is working for inculcation the sports spirit among the student.


Steps are being taken to institute a Gold Medal by the University to be awarded to a student securing highest marks in aggregate in all semesters in their regular first chance.(That is for only 5 yr students)


Sl No                 NAMES                                     FROM                                      TO                                    
1.        SHRI K. M. MOHANTY, I/C                  15.06.1975                            31.06.1978
2.        SHRI K. M. MOHANTY.                       01.06.1978                            31.07.1984
3.        SHRI A. PRAHARAJ, I/C                      01.08.1984                            19.11.1985
4.        SHRI G.B. ACHARYA, I/C                    20.11.1985                             19.02.1986
5.        SHRI A. PRAHARAJ, I/C                     20.02.1986                            19.03.1986
6.        SHRI G.B. ACHARYA, I/C                    20.03.1986                             31.05.1986
7.        SHRI K. M. MOHANTY.                        01.06.1986                             31.07.1989
8.        SHRI D.P. MOHANTY, I/C                    31.07.1989                             23.09.1994
9.        DR. P. K. PADHI.                                  23.09.1994                             ON LIEN W.E.F. 08.09.2002
10.      SHRI D.B. MISHRA, I/C                       08.09.2002                             31.03.2003
11.      PROF. (DR.) P. K. SARKAR, I/C           31.03.2003                             30.12.2004
12.      DR. P. K. PATTNAIK, I/C                      30.12.2004                             08.09.2005
13.      DR. P. K. PADHI.                                  08.09.2005                             10.03.2006
14.      DR. P. K. PATTNAIK, I/C                      10.03.2006                             07.07.2006
15.      DR. P. K. PADHI.                                  07.07.2006                             07.02.2007
16.      PROF. (DR.) P. K. SARKAR, I/C          07.02.2007                             02.01.2008
17.      DR. A. K. SRIVASTAV, I/C                   02.01.2008                             19.11.2008
18.      SHRI D.B. MISHRA, I/C                       19.11.2008                             16.01.2009
19.      DR. A. K. SRIVASTAV, I/C                   16.01.2009                             17.02.2010
20.      PROF. (DR.) S.A.K. AZAD.                  17.02.2010
21.      DR. P.K. RANA, I/C                                                                             30.09.2019
22.     DR. PRATIVA PANDA, I/C                    01.10.2019
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